To avoid disappointment that all puppies are reserved, please contact us soon, and we can begin the adoption process. We also ask that you please read our Warranty, then call, and ask any questions




We would like to remind potential purchasers of Labrador puppies that it is up to the buyer to seek to self educate themselves thoroughly about the breed in order to keep a proper prospective on the suitability of a Labrador for them. Purchasing from a breeder who is active within the Labrador Retriever fancy in any/all aspects and one that adheres to Code of Ethics, such as one set out by the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada Inc., Labrador Retriever Club of Ontario, Eastern Ontario Labrador Breeders Association, and Labrador Owners Club, is strongly recommended.

  2019 LITTERS


Black and yellow litter planned to go home late September 2019

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Timing of litters is subject to change as we cannot determine 100% when each female will come into season - 

Mother Nature is the ultimate decision-maker!  :)

For more information please contact