Sadly missed, but will never be forgotten... 1987 - 1999


I often wondered what my dogs would do if I were ever put in a threatening situation... and one day I found out! Summer (Wimberway's QT Summer Taraway WC), myself and a little 3 year old boy who was visiting, went down to the kennel to see the dogs. As we rounded the end of the kennel to go inside, I noticed both doors were wide open. (One being a solid door, the other a screened in door) No longer did the thought question my mind as why BOTH doors were open, when out from the kennel came one huge dog that was boarding here... teeth showing, jaws snapping, and growling deeply. He immediately pounced on the little boy and was grabbing at him with his teeth. What compounded the situation was I am in a wheelchair, so unable to "physically" handle the dog. All I could think of was to protect the child the best I could... so I ran directly into the dog, while screaming frantically! Then out of nowhere came Summer... she literally grabbed the big dog by the scruff of the neck, in unison tossing the little boy out of the way. I yelled at him to get up on my knee and off we went as fast as my old bucket of bolts would take us, to the house.

Summer held that dog by the throat until we were well passed the bridge (half way between the kennel and house). I remember looking over my shoulder waiting for that dog to get free, but she held him pinned. The little boy was uninjured as "luck" was on my side that day. I had allowed him to wear his coat unzipped and the dog could only get ahold of the material.

Needless to say, when I arrived at the house and discovered the little guy was uninjured as was myself, I called the owners and the dog was removed from our boarding kennel and later euthanized. He had biten the owner's children on several occasions as well as the owner himself!

Summer came up to the house, tail wagging, proud as punch. She was ceratinly praised to the highest - she had just saved our lives!!!! Summer just looked at me as if to say, "I was only doing my job Mom", and she just took it all in stride. So I do know, if in time of need, those tails will stop wagging, and their teeth will start nashing too!

At the tender age of 11 years, Summer was awarded her CGC title.

Summer left us on May 12th, 1999 just short of her 12th birthday. She has gone catching frogs at the Rainbow Bridge...

Picture: Summer seeking out those hiding frogs in her favourite spot... our pond!

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