This page we dedicate to all our beloved canine friends, their families, pictures and eulogies. We invite you to explore their precious lives, and join with us in the celebration of their lives...

Jaunenoir's Chance and Bryanne

July 1995 - September 2001

This beautiful chocolate came to be family in late Summer of 95. I visited Jaunenoir Kennels and saw this chubby, flat headed, big chested tail wagging pup and had to have her. Chance won her way into the hearts of everyone she met. She greeted all with a tail wag that made her whole body wiggle and shake.  As a true lab she loved children, was protective yet gentle, loved to swim and we were sure she could understand every word of English- her favourite -"suppertime". For about a year before her passing she endured many things all with a gentleness in her eyes and love in her heart. Even on her way to the "Rainbow Bridge" her tail moved and she snored in my ear one last time. Never will those who knew her forget her strong features, loving personality but mostly for that tail that never ceased to wag  

We miss you Chance and you will be forever in our hearts.

Bryanne, Murray, Jared & Lauryn


Jaunenoir’s All Eyes On Seamus

 April 2000 – October 2011

Our handsome yellow boy joined our family in June, 2000.  We quickly learned that we couldn’t underestimate him with his ability to think up mischief nor figure out new ways to make our hearts melt.  Each week, Joanne took Seamus to obedience class which Seamus knew as “school!” (wag, wag, wag...) where he was consistently scoring top of the class.  Such a smart boy!  Most people in our neighbourhood knew Seamus who always had tail wags and kisses for each one.  Our boy grew into an exceptionally kind and loving companion who had a unique way of making each member of our family feel special.

We all miss you very much, Old Man, even your loud snoring.

Jonathan, Joanne, Kevin, Kristen and Trudy