Jaunenoir Perm Reg'd   Labrador Retrievers 




Introducing the parents of our all black litter

arrived May 13, 2020!

Puppies ready to go to their new homes July 8, 2020


Please read our Warranty before calling us as it may create questions you have not thought to ask




              Jaunenoir's Dominium Sissi

 CH Street Walker V. Budilium Hof





All breeding dogs are DNA tested for Exercised Induced Collapse (EIC), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM),   Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK), Cystinuria (Labrador Retriever type) * D Locus (Hidden Dilute Colour Gene)

Puppies will NOT be affected by these diseases or traits!



Sissi is a very nice girl, with outstanding temperament, conformation and so much love.  

Walker was imported from the Netherlands by Applemeadow Labradors.  He is a fine specimen of the breed, and he too has a soft, loving, affectionate personality.

This breeding will produce beauty, brains, and wonderful temperaments!

We plan on keeping from this litter as well, and look forward to nurturing and watching over these babies as they grow.  As time permits, we will post weekly pictures.

We look forward to placing a little bundle in the arms of new proud owners when they are 8 weeks old!




Sissi waiting for the big event to commence...


And now she nurtures, and protects her bundles of joy


Above pics - day 2 + day 3


Waiting for our bed to be changed

as momma watches over us with her toy

Day 5


Ah... back in our cozy bed

Day 5




Here we are...one week old


Our eyes are almost fully open, and we try to walk...

but that is very tiring. 

We are pictured at 2 weeks of age. 

This "extra" puppy is one of us exercising our lungs.  LOL

We do not like the hot weather, but prefer the air conditioning...

and we tell everybody all about it until they obey us

and turn it on...

even at 1am if necessary!   LOL


Our mom has cream for milk, so we are roly-poly...

and as cute as the dickens.


The toy in the pictures belongs to our mom...

but she will share when we start to play more.

Next week our ears open...



Here we are with our best friend, Heidi...

4 weeks old

Please excuse our dirty faces...

we were digging in our new "bathroom" where there is shavings


Each day our world is getting bigger...

lunch on the terrace - 5 weeks old

We have experienced many new things like...

* different flooring under our feet - wood, ceramic tile, carpet, grass, gravel, sand

* playing/romping throughout our house

* we met our uncle, aunt, and 2 half siblings...they are big like Momma...and we will be one day too!




I want you to stay!



The Wallendas have nothing on me

I can balance too!

Do you see the 'other' puppy? Sleepy puppy


This is our last time posting pictures.  Where did the time go??

The next one will be sent to you by email after each puppy has been selected for each family...

exciting times! :)