* DOB: July 14, 1995 - April 9, 2008*

* Hips/Elbows OVC Certified clear *

* Eyes cleared annually *

Angel is by far, NOT appropriately named. In fact she is anything but an angel. She is a mischievious, playful little devil who keeps all of the other dogs on their toes, as well her human friends! Her motto in life is to love all, and play full.

Although she is smaller than most females, she has a huge heart that she offers to everyone and anything - in particular to her babies.

Angel was an excellent mother, and her characteristics were passed on to her progeny which is greatly desireable.

Unfortunately after this picture was taken, Angel had to have an emergency C-section and was spayed immediately.

Angel spent her life, shared with two of the most wonderful people, Dorothy and Ann. Angel Blessed the many lives who met her, and on April 9th, 2008, she left us to go find her Mom, Brookie at the Rainbow Bridge... where they both continue "to rule"!!!

Angel's wonderful disposition continues to shine on through her offspring, Beth and Braxton, grandchildren Gemini, Romi & Chant, great grandchild Rain, & great great grandchild Cha-Chi.

Angel is sadly missed, but will never beforgotten.